Survey123 print survey outputFileName value is invalid

03-04-2021 04:10 AM
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so i'm trying to use python to automate the generate of survey123 reports and i've finally got it to work with a generic output name but when i try and use the fields to create a smarter file name i get this error:

{"error":{"message":"outputFileName value is invalid: \"SUR_${field}_${completion_date | format:\"MMDDYYYY\"}\"","code":"003","details":[]},"success":false}

the output file name i am trying to use is this

'SUR_${field}_${completion_date | format:"MMDDYYYY"}'

now i know there is nothing wrong with the filename because if i try to create a report manually on the survey123 website using it the report runs fine and the file has the expected filename

it does work if i remove the format part but i need it in that format unfortunately

any ideas?





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I'm curious to see what the answers are to this.  I just gathered the date on one line in my survey, then created a calcalute format date underneath and that's what I pull for my forms.  But that's probably the hard way.  😞

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still not managed to get this working

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