Survey123 - Pick a Specific Location

05-05-2020 03:49 PM
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I am using Survey123 with my high school students to collect public transit data. For a location, I am concerned with letting them use the map feature because we might end up with multiple locations for what is really just one transit station. 

If I have another layer that does have transit stop locations, can I get students to pick which transit location they are at in Survey123 or do I need to do something else (like a join feature) afterwards.

End goal is to create a Dashboard with data. I have access to AGOL.

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Hey Brian Beard‌,

You can do a search for a street address on the map which might get you more accurate data. You could also create a select one with the names of the stops and then run a join on your data with the points you have on the map.



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Yeah, I was leaning towards doing the drop-down menu and then running a joint with the data. Do you know if joint data layers can update automatically for a dashboard? I would expect students to be collecting data over many days and times.

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