Survey123 Feature Report Accessible by Users

01-20-2020 01:05 PM
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I have created several surveys to replace paper forms.  Results from some of these forms only need to go directly into Web Apps however, others need to go into Web Apps as well as a PDF or Word Report.  I know that I can create a Feature Report in Survey123 however, the owner of the survey is the only one able to create these reports that I'm aware of.  It would be great if there was someway to (either within Survey123 or within a web app) to allow other users to select the point (or record) of interest and export a Feature Report.  

Desired workflow:

  1. I create a Survey123 form and corresponding Web App for field staff.
  2. Field staff fills out the survey
  3. On submit, email is triggered (MS Power Automate) to the staff member with a link to the web app (optimally with an attachment of the Feature Report)
  4. Staff member can some how either through a link on the web app or a link/attachment in the email, create a Feature Report that can then be mail to a permit holder for their records or placed in our electronic filing system.

I manage a lot of surveys for other folks but those staff members need access to create those reports when they need them with having to rely on me to create them for them.  

There are many post touching parts of this issue but haven't been able to find a solution through others posts.  Please point me in the right direction if I have just missed one.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

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Hi Melanie, 

Users who have been shared the survey for viewing are able to generate feature reports (provided that they have that privilege in their user role).  Refer to Share survey results—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation .

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I have practically the same situation/problem here, and the provided solution does not work for our scenario due to the lack of editing capabilities for survey responses.  Refer to Permission Issues in Survey123.  The owner of the survey can edit all responses.  Individual submitters can edit their OWN submissions only.  I need another member of my organization (actually two different members in a department) to be able to edit all survey records, then export them using the Feature Report tool.  

Here's the workflow in my situation, which sounds similar to that of the original poster:

1. Citizen submits survey

2. Organization member (not the survey creator, which is me) reviews their submission and conducts a review of the data.  This member needs to be able to change/adjust the survey responses in the event the citizen filled out something incorrectly.  

3. Organization member has two additional "office use only" fields that must be filled in (hidden in the actual survey)

4. Organization member runs Feature Report based on the template I created and loaded to AGOL/Survey123 and the report is stored in our electronic records.  

That being said, I need one of the following functionalities to be available for this to work:

1. Organization member conducts edits to survey response in Survey123 website, then runs Feature Report tool.

2. I make a web app and utilize the Edit Widget to edit survey responses and to add data to the "office use only" fields, then run a feature report directly from the web app.  

I do not want the org member to have to go into a web app to edit the data, then go to survey123 website to run the feature report.  They are not GIS professionals and it will be cumbersome for them to manage this workflow in two different applications.  

My question is this:  Is there a way to run a Feature Report, as you can do in Survey123, from a web app?

Or:  Is there a way to allow multiple org members to edit survey responses in Survey123?  Though according to the page I linked at the top of this post, the latter is not possible.  

Any help would be appreciated.  My problem is basically the same as the original poster has, so I didn't think I needed to make an additional thread. Maybe a solution to my issue will help us both.  

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