Survey123: Passing parameter from Survey to WAB URL

04-03-2020 10:33 AM
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Fairly new to Survey123 and I am attempting to do something, I think is straight forward, but without success.  We have a Survey123 app and we want users to have the ability that once they have identified their address (via pulldata fx from a geopoint), a link will take them to our Web App Builder and zoom to their address.  However, I cannot figure out how to pass the parameter from the {address} field into the WAB URL find parameter.  I can pass plan text no issue in my test passing the URL through the {address} label.

Simple Survey:

field 1 type: geopoint

field 1 name: location

field 2 type: text###

field 2 name: address

field 2 function: fx that uses a reverse geocode to take the X,Y from location and run it against our geocoder giving us a valid address. This works fine.

field 3 name: show_in_app

field 3 type: text

I tried updating the label, calculation...I am stumped on how to pass the value from address into the WAB URL Parameter.  Example URL I have been working with:

concat('<a href="',${address},'&extent=5&distance=1"target="_blank">This is a test</a>')

Any ideas as to what I am missing?

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Just to check, is your 3rd question text or a note (it sounds like it should be a note)? Also, is the function you posted the verbatim link in the calculation?  It looks like you're missing a space between the href and target attributes.

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