How to pre-populate related tables answers in Survey123

04-07-2020 07:48 AM
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Hi, I am trying to create a pre fire plan survey for our local fire dept. (using non hosted feature service)

The surveyors would like to survey a building  to collect information for a pre fire plan. And would like to fill out information for hydrants(question are in the survey), by clicking on the hydrants that are located near the building.  I created a  point survey feature class with required questions, used pull data  function to pre populate hydrant information. they will put the hydrant no in the form and using pulldata, the rest of the information for that hydrant will be auto populated.

Instead of using Pulldata I would like to use a related table to store hydrant information and  would like to prepopulate  that table . Is there any way other than using Pull data function to perform this task? can a custom url be used to for this purpose? what would be the work follow? thanks  for  assisting.


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Hi.  You cannot pass through a URL parameter data to a question within a repeat. However, you can preload data into a question within a repeat using:

  • A default default value (default column in XLSForm)
  • A calculation (calculation column in XLSForm), using either pulldata or by simply referencing other questions within the form. For example:

texthydrant_idHydrant ID
begin repeatinspections_groupInspections
calculatehydrant_parent_idHydrant ID${hydrant_id}
end repeat