Survey123 Output as Related Table Deployment

08-20-2021 11:35 AM
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Description: Instead of publishing a feature layer along with the web form of a Survey123 Survey via Survey123 Connect, set the Survey to submit results to an existing table. The hosted table can be related to a feature layer that can be included in web maps used in the ArcGIS Collector or ArcGIS Field Maps applications.

This setup allows users to view Survey results in the popup of the related feature in the ArcGIS Collector or ArcGIS Field Maps application, which is an extremely useful feature when providing mapping services for inspection projects. 


  1. Design a Survey via Survey123 Connect.
  2. Design a geodatabase table via ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap that matches the schema of the Survey output.
  3. Design a feature class for use in ArcGIS Collector or ArcGIS Field Maps via ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap. Make sure the feature class includes a field that stores unique ID values that is also included in the geodatabase table schema.
  4. Create a relationship class that passes a Primary Key value from the unique ID field in the feature class to the equivalent, shared field in the geodatabase table (set as the Foreign Key).
  5. Publish the feature class, geodatabase table, and relationship class to ArcGIS Online.
  6. Open the XLSForm for the Survey via Survey123 Connect. Set the value of the form_id column to the name of the published hosted table, and set the value of the submission_url column to the REST URL of the table (the REST URL can be obtained via the lower left corner of the table's Item page in ArcGIS Online).
  7. Publish the Survey to ArcGIS Online.
  8. TEST!
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Not sure if there is a question here but I have been doing this for years and it works slick. 

One tip is let 123 build the schema GDB for you then just download and copy paste.  No need to type it all out.

See here

You can use fields across the related tables with Arcade using the FeatureSet functions.

I also suggest not using globalids.  Many reasons here 

hope that helps