Survey123 not sending photo attachments

05-20-2020 06:51 PM
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My surveys have required image attachment and signature questions.  I attach the photos and sign in Survey123 and send the survey but I cannot see the photos send.  When I view the survey on the web form there are no images.  In the mobile app if I edit and resend, the photos are still there.  What's going on here?  Using the IOS version on an iPhone 6, everything up to date.  Used to work!!

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Hi Matt,

Is your survey hosted on enterprise portal or AGOL? And do you have repeats with your photo and signature questions?

We have an existing issue with repeat images question not showing on Data tab if the portal is prior to 10.8 due to the queryattachment issue:

BUG-000128098 Image attachments within a repeat question are not visible in the Survey123 for ArcGIS website configured with ArcGIS Enterprise .

Please provide the detailed information of your configuration so that we can narrow down the issue.


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There are no repeats in my survey however I believe the issue may have been caused by image fields being set to null in the esrifieldtype column. Would this cause that behaviour?

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Hi @MattCreaney ,

I'm currently investigating a similar issue to what you've described.
Can you let me know whether your Survey is published to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise Portal (and the version of Enterprise), as well as your User Type and Member Role within the organisation?

Also, are you still experiencing this issue??

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Hi Glen,

I've had no reports of this occurring recently.

Survey is published to ArcGIS Online using Survey123 Connect. I have administrator rights with a creator license.


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