Survey123 not connecting to Trimble GPS

08-03-2022 01:04 PM
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We are using Survey123 on Trimble TDC600 devices running Android 10 (build number TDC600_2.53.19.41).

It appears that the latest update to the Survey123 app (3.15.151) can't communicate with the GPS services on these devices. The app was uninstalled and an older version (3.14.255) was installed, which fixed the problem temporarily. Is there a way to get the current version working? Or to make sure any future updates will not have the same problem?

We are not having any problems with any other devices, just the Trimbles. 


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We are having the exact same problem with our TDC600s and the new version of survey123. It's causing major disruptions to our field work and almost resulted in us losing a full day of work across several crews since we didn't realize it was broken until crews were already in the field. We've got a bug report in but in the meantime are having to scramble to find old devices to complete our surveys.  How did you manage to get access to the older version? ESRI tech support told me that we couldn't do that.  


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Thanks for the reply, good to know we're not the only ones!

One of our forestry techs found this site

It looks a little sketchy, but he was able to install the 3.14.255 version and it worked. His only warning was to "be careful what you click on that site" 😬

Please let me know if you get a response to your bug report, or if you figure this out.  Thanks!

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 I received this workaround from esri, and they also have logged a defect as they were able to reproduce the problem.

Navigate to Location settings > select the settings for the integrated provider > select Information > press and hold on the "Information" title > enable "Use Google Play Location API" as the location provider type.

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They fixed it!! The latest 3.16 release has totally resolved the issue. 

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@AndyMcClary I tried this new 3.16 v on Android and it still doesn't detect a connection to an external antenna.  

Also, I tried @HeatherFox1 approach. However, how can I tell if it's using the actual antenna measurements? In my survey, I have fields that are extracting GPS info and it's not populating them. 

pulldata("@geopoint", ${geopoint}, "DD")
pulldata("@geopoint", ${geopoint}, "horizontalAccuracy") 
pulldata("@geopoint", ${geopoint}, "speed") 
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