Survey123 Multiline Text Appearance in Feature Report Syntax

06-13-2022 02:18 PM
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Hello Everyone,

Have a survey form built from Survey123 Connect and published to our Enterprise portal (version 10.8). 

We are receiving this error: Error: An error occurred when checking the report template. Failed to parse ${other_notes | appearance:"multiline"} since appearance is not supported for the current field.

In Survey123 connect, this field does have a multiline appearance and functions correctly within the survey:

textother_notesOther Notes  w4 multiline predictivetext

This is the screenshot from the syntax helper within the Survey123 website (notice no multiline appearance available):


Here is a field from the same feature service, within the same group that works both in the survey form and in the feature report:

textchilledwater_notesChilled Water Notes  

w4 multiline predictivetext



The only difference between these two fields are the names, they both have the exact same appearance and character limit. If anyone has any tips as to what could be causing this I'd very much appreciate the help!

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