Survey123 Moving Decimal To The Right

08-04-2020 08:45 AM
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I have a form that has been working without issue since the Spring.  However, now when using Android devices, a question that is a double field type is having the decimal moved to the right.  More specifically it's being moved to the right of the last number.  So, for instance, if the user inputs 97.8 the decimal moves to the right and the input becomes the integer 978.  If the user inputs 97.80, the decimal again moves to the right and the input becomes the integer 9780.  I have not made any recent changes to the form and the app has not updated since May so I'm not sure of the problem, unless it's related to an Android OS update.  

Edit:  I created a test survey with just one decimal field type question and it is also behaving the same way.  I'm leaning towards it being something related to a recent Android update but cannot be certain at this time.

Edit:  I figured out a fix.  I changed the "Appearance" for the question from default to "Numbers" and it no longer moves the decimal.  Still unusual that it wasn't a problem before today but I think that resolves the issue nonetheless. 

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Hi Andrew,

I'm glad you've figured out a fix. Just curious - are you using a 'decimal' question type in your survey or is this a 'hidden' question type with the 'bind::esri:fieldType' column set to 'Double'? I've seen a similar issue when incorrectly setting 'bind::type' column to 'decimal' (rather than 'bind::esri:fieldType' set to 'Double').



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The question is a decimal type.  On a side note, one of the first things I tried was setting 'bind::fieldType' to 'Double' without any luck.

Thanks for following up.

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We're seeing the same issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active tablet. I switched to using the keypad as Andrew suggested, but the keypad is tiny on this device and difficult to operate. Is there any other work around? 

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I have the same issue with one of my co workers devices.  Model Galaxy A01, Model # SM-A015V, Android Version 11, Survey Version 3.12.277

Changing the keyboard and turning off auto correct did not help.

The rest use Apple devices or Pixel 2 XL with Android 11 Survey 123 version 3.12.277 and are not having this issue.

Just found documentation:

Decimal commas can't be entered on some Samsung devices.

The default numerical keyboard on some Samsung devices does not support decimal commas, causing decimal questions in locales that require decimal commas to be unable to accept a valid answer. This problem is only present on the default keyboard provided on some Samsung devices and can be avoided by using an alternate keyboard that does support decimal commas.


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I see the known issue calling it a decimal comma as the issue, is this different than me trying to use a decimal as a decimal? Because it provides the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S10 when I try using the "." and I want to make sure that's known as well!

Thankfully our end users use iOS but it is such a pain for me testing on my own device.

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