Survey123 Mask Input for latin plant names

05-10-2022 04:16 AM
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I would like to create an Input Mask in Survey123 for Latin plant names to make sure that the genus name starts with a capital but the species name is a small letter. Also it should be possible to only write the genus name but if one writes a species name, it should start with a small letter. How can I do that?

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@Kaj, are you using a text question type?  You should be able to do this using a Regex expression in the Constraint column.  I recommend you use two separate entries, one for genus and one for species.  If your list of possible answers isn't incredibly long (like, if you're working within a relatively small region or extent), you might even want to consider using select_one question types instead of text and build in the genus and species options under the choices sheet.

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Thank you for your response!

Yes, I'm using a text question type but I'm working with the web version. Also I need both names in the same field as I'm using this to count the number of different plant species detected for a dashboard. The select one option would be nice if there weren't about 4'000 plant names...