Survey123 map location zooms to world view instead of my extent

06-18-2020 02:16 PM
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Hi, I created a survey in Survey123 web designer. It has a geopoint location question and it's zoomed to a particular level. Though, sometimes when someone opens it fresh, it's zoomed to the world view.  

Screenshot of my web designer with point question:

But this is what user's see sometimes:

They should be seeing this:

A refresh solves the problem but I don't want to have to have people refreshing the survey who are new to it - I need it to work the first time. What am I doing wrong? I have seen this behavior in Google Chrome but haven't seen it in Firefox...

Here is a link to the survey:  (please do not fill out the data, haha).

Thanks for your help, James Tedrick‌!

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Hi Adrian,

I tested the web form you provided in the link, and it is working ok for me using Chrome on Windows 10. Have you tested this issue again since the latest 3.10 update to web form over the previous 2 weeks. I believe it should be resolved.

If you are still having issues, please let us know.



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Thanks for testing, Phil. We have since closed the survey but I am glad to know it should be resolved.