Survey123 Inbox bind::esri:parameters query syntax

07-02-2020 07:58 AM
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I have been trying to build a query  so the inbox only returns repeat records from a date field(${travelDate}) 10 days or less from the max date (${maxTravelDate} which equals max(${travelDate})), or this could be records dated the 10 days or less from the current date. I would also like to return repeat records from the current month. I can't seem to dial in the syntax any of these queries. The Prepare for editing existing survey data—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation doesn't cover this, nor can I find any good resources on developing query syntax for this.  I have tried several iterations of query syntax with out success and was wondering if this is even possible or if I am traveling down a rabbit hole with no end?

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Hi Brent,

Can you provide the exact query you are trying to use? And a copy of your xlsx form so we can try to do further testing?

I am not sure this type of complex query is supported due to recent changes to AGO which do not allow non Standardized SQL expressions. Only standard SQL expressions can be used, so if the expression requires non-standard operators, it will not work.



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Did you figure this out? I liked your complexity of yours and could see it being useful.

I have a few I'm working through today - without success.

bind::esri:parameters below

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