Survey123 image submission won't appear in field app

11-06-2020 09:39 AM
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I'm having two problems (likely unrelated) with attaching images to a Survey123 inspection form.  

The first issue is that the multiline image attachment question in the inspection isn't showing up properly when the form is viewed via the field app (current Android version).  There's just a small grey dot where the UI should be:

image attachment not displaying

The image attachment does appear and work fine in the web form, however.

My parameters in the form's xlsx file for this question are:

Type: image

Name: structure_photos

Label: Structure Photos

Appearance: multiline

body::esri:style: method=camera,browse


The second issue with image attachment I'm having is that our field workers who have been testing the web form have reported that when they select and then try and attach photos, the upload/form update process either runs indefinitely or pops a 'failed to submit' error.  They are using Windows tablets in the field with 4G cell service, so something about that connection might be the cause.  I tested image attachment via the web form on my own desktop PC and my mobile phone (on WiFi) and didn't have any trouble saving three decently-sized photos.

Thanks for any help on either issue!

Galen Sjostrom

Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Update: my initial problem above can be disregarded; I just found other GeoNet posts that explain how photos can't be added to existing records when accessed via Survey123's Inbox function.  It would definitely be handy if they were, since our entire workflow for these inspections is based around being able to revisit and update existing records.  

Relying on the Collector Web Map + URL linking to the inspection would work if our inspectors were able to successfully save or update inspections with photos attached; hopefully we'll be able to figure out why that hasn't been working.

For now it looks like our only option is to follow what another user suggested: taking photos in Collector (since our users are already using it as a work tracker and the Collector map features have a 1-to-1 relationship with the inspection records) and then figuring out how to integrate the photos and inspections into a single dataset later on.

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