Secure data from Survey123 made based on Enterprise Geodatabase Feature Class

11-05-2020 07:13 AM
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I created a Survey123 based on a Enterprise Geodatabase Feature Class. The survey is planned to be made public so securing the data from this survey is key.

To secure the data the query capability needs to be disabled, however this also makes it impossible to use the data in a webmap in Portal. So is there no way of making a survey public and the data secure but still visible/open to administrators with an Enterprise Geodatabase FC?

In a hosted layer you can create hosted views and apply different settings to these views. The same functionality is needed when creating surveys based on an Enterprise Geodatabase FC.

Hoping for tips.

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Hello Tensio TS Admin‌, 

One option would be to create the view in the Enterprise Geodatabase and if you only need it for viewing purposes you can publish the view as a Map Service to your ArcGIS Enterprise Organization and use that to query the records. 

If you were looking to edit the data internally outside of Survey123 you can also republish the same data as a new Feature Service and use that one for internal editing. Since everything would point back to the same Feature Class in the Enterprise Geodatabase all updates will be observed across all services. 

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