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09-03-2019 10:50 PM
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I succeeded in converting coordinates from WGS84 to a local coord. system using the pulldata @javascript function.

The javascript function I use (from GitHub - proj4js/proj4js ) takes a geopoint and return what seems to be an array of coordinates (348465.3828225266 283140.21524795296 for exemple). I can see it as a string value.

I need to extract X and Y from this array in separate fields but I can't do a pulldata("@geopoint" ... "x") because it is not recognized as a geopoint.

How can I extract 1st and 2nd values in decimal fields ?


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Hi.  Here is one way to do it:

Make your custom JS function return a JSON object. Then use pulldata("@json") to extract the X and Y.

Here is a hyper-simplified JS Function showing the creation of your JSON object from the output you have from proj4js.

function projectCoords(location){
    var coords = "348465.3828225266 283140.21524795296";
    var coordsArray = coords.split(' ');
    return '{"x":"' + coordsArray[0] + '" , "y":"' + coordsArray[1] + '" }';

The result will put the projected coords in separate fields as shown below.

You may want to set the bind::esri:fieldType XLSForm column to null, so the JSON output of your JS function is not unnecessarily stored in your feature service.

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Thank you very much Ismael it works like a charm.

It is not related, but I noticed that your coordinates now have a comma ( , ) as 1000 separator. In my case I have a space, and I get a message "invalid number".

I tried to do an int(value) or number(value) but doesn't work.

Anyway at the end the value sent is valid but it looks weird for the end user.

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