Survey123 Field App skipping pages

05-09-2022 01:12 PM
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My users reported a bug that I was able to reproduce. Was wondering if anyone else had this issue.

Issue: While using an iPad, a survey with multiple pages, and the Field App, clicking the next arrow skips all the even pages. (I no longer have an android product to test on)

Workaround: The page selector still works as intended. I suggested that they use this for now.

Field apps should all be up to date. Has happened to a large number of people. This issue does not appear on PC.

Edit: I also found that tapping the next arrow, and then tapping anywhere on the screen advances to the next page too.

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@abureaux What version of Survey123 app? Did it start happening after updating?

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I'm actually not 100% sure when this started. Users are bad at providing feedback.

Field apps are all mobile, and should be the most recent version.

Connect is 3.14

Form is 3.14

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