Survey123 feature reports: conditional statement if a value has no answer (text)

08-17-2020 08:39 AM
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I am trying to do a survey123 report template on word showing only questions with answers.

To show the phone numbers, I used this expression and it worked since the number 0 is written when we don't have the info: 

${if phone_number!=0}Phone number : ${phone_number} ${/}

For the email address it did not work since the answer is left blank when we don't know the answer:

${if email!=” ”}Email address : ${email} ${/}

Even though the email answer is blank, the title always shows up.


Anyone knows how to solve this?

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Hi Marie-Joëlle Desgagné

To check if a question has an answer (i.e. is not empty), use the following syntax referring to the field name only (without any operators):

${if email}Email address: ${email}${/}

Please find more info here: Feature report templates—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation