Survey123 Feature Report Unreadable when photo is added to template

11-19-2019 01:27 PM
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I am using Integromat to generate Feature Reports and save them to the OneDrive. When I try to add a photo attachment to the feature report via Integromat or directly through the Survey123 website, the word document is unreadable.


When I try to open the file, I receive the error messages below and then Microsoft Word allows me to recover the file as a new document and all of the data and photo attachment appear perfectly fine. I can't figure out what the issue is here. 


Error Message

Unreadable Message


I believe the Integromat workflow is set up correctly. The issue occurs even when I generate a report directly from the Survey123 website so I think that rules out an Integromat malfunction. I'm using the following code in my template: ${Stations_image|size:0:0:0:125}. When I remove the image from the template the reports are generated without issue. Its only the addition of the attachment that introduces the problem.






Any tips would be much appreciated. 


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Hi Natalie Ayala

Thanks for providing your report template. Could you please try testing a report output using the built-in sample template? Click the "Create sample template" button in the Manage Templates dialog.



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I am experiencing this issue as well - any idea why this happens with photos and how to prevent it?

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Unfortunately I do not have a solution but I have notice that I am having a similar issue with producing reports from Survey123.

I am getting corrupted .docx files when they have more than four attachments and/or which and are over 334KB. So I am assuming it is a file size problem?

I am still trying to narrow down the problem and troubleshoot but it is rendering the macros I have to run useless.

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Noticed there was some recent activity on this thread and wanted to put in my thoughts.

My workaround using Integromat/Make was to take the word document report and convert it to a PDF using the CloudCovert module. This has been working perfectly! Using the Survey123 PDF format always messes with the formatting.

The unreadable content error also occurs when generating the report directly from the Survey123 website. However I found that if instead of splitting multiple reports into separate files and use the Merge (Next Page) option, the resulting word document does not have this error. 

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