Survey123 Feature Report Unreadable when photo is added to template

11-19-2019 01:27 PM
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I am using Integromat to generate Feature Reports and save them to the OneDrive. When I try to add a photo attachment to the feature report via Integromat or directly through the Survey123 website, the word document is unreadable.


When I try to open the file, I receive the error messages below and then Microsoft Word allows me to recover the file as a new document and all of the data and photo attachment appear perfectly fine. I can't figure out what the issue is here. 


Error Message

Unreadable Message


I believe the Integromat workflow is set up correctly. The issue occurs even when I generate a report directly from the Survey123 website so I think that rules out an Integromat malfunction. I'm using the following code in my template: ${Stations_image|size:0:0:0:125}. When I remove the image from the template the reports are generated without issue. Its only the addition of the attachment that introduces the problem.






Any tips would be much appreciated. 


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Hi Natalie Ayala

Thanks for providing your report template. Could you please try testing a report output using the built-in sample template? Click the "Create sample template" button in the Manage Templates dialog.



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