Survey123 Feature Report: Given A Pre-Set List, Only Parse Selected Cells (Entries are from Repeat Group)

11-04-2022 05:24 AM
New Contributor III

Hello, everyone!

I have here a sample form (Sample Building Form.xlsx) with a repeat group. I am trying to generate a report using the attached feature report template (Sample Report Template.docx). However, the output looks like this (please see screenshot below). I have attached the same generated output PDF as well (Sample Generated Report.pdf).


I noticed that each item in the "Additional Items" column were printed thrice. I only wanted to print every item in the "Additional Items" column, whether they have entries or none, only once (Carport, Mezzanine, Porch, etc). I prefer to have an output something like this. (Please see screenshot below)


Do you have any suggestions on how to come up with this output? I did a couple of tests, but I couldn't figure it out how to revise my feature report template. Am I missing something out?

Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions. 

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