Survey123 Enterprise not working with Microsoft Automate

03-28-2022 02:20 PM
New Contributor III


I am trying to use Microsoft Automate (MA) to pull survey123 data and push it into a excel file. It should be a pretty simple process but I am unfamiliar with MA. I have successfully done this many times with Integromat but I cannot use it at this time. I am using my enterprise account with MA, that took some more complicated steps than just connecting to AGOL. MA does not give me any of the "dynamic content" that should have my feature values from the survey123. I also get an error claiming that 'GetWebhookPayloadSchema' is too large, only schemas with at most '1024' properties are supported. This happen when I save the MA flow.


I am curious if anyone has successfully linked a Enterprise Survey123 with anything through Microsoft Automate. So far automate has not been very helpful and I have run out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated. 

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