Survey123 data not showing up in the website

07-24-2020 08:45 AM
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EDIT: I haven't been able to see the data since yesterday, but it's showing back up now! I didn't do anything in particular, so I'm not sure why I can see it now.

My survey123 data isn't showing up in the survey123 website under the data tab, but when I look at the feature service and the stakeholder view, the data is there.  The number of records even show up on the survey's thumbnail on the 'My Surveys' page.

But this is the message I see when I open the data tab.

I've republished the survey a few times and each time I've deleted the stakeholder view and reset the collaboration settings to create a new stakeholder view.

The records also show up in the web map and dashboard which uses the stakeholder view.

Any ideas as to why I can't see these records in the data tab?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi there,

It sounds as if this could have been a cache issue. If you see it happen again, please try in a different browser, or in incognito/secure browsing mode, or try and clear you cache of current browser session.



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@JamesTedrick  I created a new survey with Survey123 Connect Version3.11.123.  Published it and submitted a test survey to start building the report template.

The survey's thumbnail on the 'My Surveys' page shows that there is one record.  The Form, both feature layers and the map exists in My Content. When I open the map the pop-up shows the results of the test survey.

However, the Data tab in "My Surveys" don't open anything - the three bars keep spinning.

I tried in Chrome and Edge; cleaned browser history; opened it in incognito browsing mode, but nothing is happening.

When I open the data tab for another survey, I notice that the top line looks different - The survey that doesn't open the Data doesn't have Options, Refresh Data, Report Tab or the Form View option

Survey where data doesn't openSurvey where data doesn't open





This is the top line of a survey that does open the data2021-04-28 10_13_38-V5 HortPark and StreetGarden Audit (AGOL) - Data.png

Please help!




Update 30 April 2021:

I installed  Connect v3.12.232 to see if this would fix the problem.  Created a new survey with only the first page of the original survey, published this and I could successfully submit a survey and see the result in the website.

I then added a second page from the original survey but removed the repeat section - re-published and submitted successfully, with this record also displaying.

I added the repeat section to the second page of the survey, accepted the warning that all existing records would be lost when I published the survey.  I then submitted a new record - this time the website showed that there's one record, but the data doesn't display in the website - it remains on the tree spinning bars, even when I left it for an hour....

Looks like the repeat function is stuffing things up.....

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