Survey123 CSV files Record Wraps if Return Key is Used in a Comment Field

12-15-2020 12:09 PM
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Hi guys, for some months now (not sure which version introduced this) but if a user uses the return key in a comment field, the record wraps (starts a new line) in the CSV file when viewed in a text editor. This becomes an issue when importing this data into another database. I'm using bulk upload in SQL and it stops importing records where it hits the new line as it get's unexpected results. Hope I've made sense! The snip shows record 380 has wrapped twice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This was never an issue in versions we were using over 6 months ago.



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Hi @JonMarks,

Are you using the field app or web app to collect the data, and what version?

How are you exporting the data, from the Survey123 website or from ArcGIS Online? It sounds as if the fields in the CSV are not quoted correctly and the special characters are not getting nulled out and being treated as real line breaks.



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Hi Phil, we're using the field app, I'm using version 3.11.164, and I expect all of our users to be on that version.

We export the data using a Python script, I'm not a Python expert but perhaps our in house experts might be able to see if it's the script that's causing the wrap? Although the scripts we're suing haven't changed in years.

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