Cannot edit record submitted by another user

12-17-2020 11:46 AM
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Published survey from Survey123 Connect using an existing feature service hosted on ArcGIS Online. Getting an error from the web version of Survey123 when a Field Worker status user is trying to edit -- "Cannot edit this record because it's submitted by another user."  Similarly, when I access the survey on the mobile Survey123 it will not send the edited surveys.  The error is simply "Send Error" with the number of surveys not sent.  When I tap on the red exclamation point it says, "This survey could not be sent due to the following error: 1483 PLUM CT" (this is coming from my label field for the surveys).  The feature service has editing enabled and I don't have any attachments in the feature service.

I need to be able to have a different user edit these using the mobile and desktop web version of Survey123. 

@phillipWilson , @JamesTedrick 

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As I know that the owner of the survey is the only one who can edit the records in the ArcGIS Survey123 Website, so that's why you got the error on the website. I suggest you create a web map then share it with the editors and let the user edit the HFL.


Regarding the "Send Error", Could you check if the user has submission privileges?