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Survey123 - Create Replica Fails

09-09-2015 12:57 PM
New Contributor III

I started using the Survey123 application this week - Version 1.0.158 - Windows7 - 64 bit laptop - collecting content with iOS.

Everything works great - XLS Forms, GUI, Publishing to ArcGIS Online, iPhone Application, Collecting Attachments and review of collected information in ArcGIS Online appears accurate.


When I try to export the content to a file Geodatabase within the ArcGIS Online environment - it fails.

Also, When I try to create a replicate file geodatabase of the content using the service URL - it fails.


I can create a local copy for editing from an ArcMap environment successfully...

Any suggestions for resolving the create replica issue?

Any known limitations on size of a file geodatabase using the local copy work around?

Survey123 Project is attached.

Any help is appreciated - Thanks.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Thanks for sharing the form. I tested this in my account and I got the same error you get. I was only able to export the data to shapefile or CSV. I understand you want a file geodatabase so you can get the attachments as well.  This is an issue in ArcGIS Online. I asked the ArcGIS Online team to have a look.

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Did you try exporting directly from the Survey123 website?  They have an option from there to export as well, not sure if you'll get the same issue.

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I did try that.  It just hangs...

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Daniel,

I have a few more questions about your feature service that is experiencing the issue.

What editing settings are set on your feature service?

Is Sync enabled or were global id's added?

Are there any attachments for this feature service?

Are you able to export your data in other formats like a shapefile, feature collection or geoJSON?

I would  like a member of our support services team to take a look at the particular service to see what is causing the issue? Would it be possible to send me a private message with your contact information so that I can get an analyst in contact with you?

Thank you,


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Thank you for the reply Kelly.

Enable editing and allow editors to: Add, update, and delete features - IS Enabled

Allow others to export to different formats - is NOT enabled

Syncing - is NOT Enabled

Keep track of who created and last updated features - IS Enabled

There ARE attachments associated with the Feature Service

I was able to export to JSON (but I only did it for testing purposes.  I don't know what I'd do with my results).  I did not try shapefiles or anything else thinking they wouldn't retain the attributes...

I'll follow up with my contact info.

Thank you.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello All,

A case was created and assigned to me in technical support with regards to this issue. After some troubleshooting with the data that Daniel provided, I was able to determine the source of the export failure in ArcGIS Online.

As you can see in the attached images below, the name and label fields contain duplicate values (Stucco). When the service is published to ArcGIS Online, this will cause a problem as coded domain values will be created based on these values. Therefore, if we delete one of the duplicate records, the export issue in ArcGIS Online will be resolved.


Fasil T.

Esri Support