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Survey123 Crashing/Shutting Down With No Warning

05-25-2023 06:12 AM
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Hi. I am running into a problem that I hope someone out there that has either run into this issue or may know of a solution (or can put me in the direction of a solution).

My agency is working with some citizen scientists/permit holders to create a sea turtle nesting survey. the goal is to collect the data while on the beach at a nest, instead of having them collect data using many different tools with differing levels of detail. One group of testers is running into an issue where Survey123 will shut down with no warning and no error message. This group is enter a large volume of data during a single survey (over 150 records per day during the core nesting season).

We are wondering if the issue may be any one of the following:

  • Could their phone and tablets not have enough RAM and/or internal memory for handling a large volume of data? The testers are running several different phones running Android v12 and 13.
  • Could the complexity of the survey/size of the database be contributing to the problem? Presently, there are 225 columns over the main survey and 3 repeats. This complexity is a requirement by sea turtle managers.
  • We use the Overview folder to allow users to access previous surveys where they have to revisit turtle nests and update information (disturbances, nest treatment, hatchling emergences). The number of surveys they download each day may be contributing to the issue.

We are trying to duplicate the issue, but haven't been able to do so. A site visit is scheduled, but I wanted to see if anyone has any similar issues, solutions, advice, etc.

Any help you have provide is greatly appreciated.

Chris Anderson, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Hello @Chris_Anderson

The short answer is it could be any of the options you had suggested. What I would suggest is asking one of the testers in the group experiencing the issue to capture diagnostic logs when the behavior is observed and pass them along. If the issue is a RAM issue in the diagnostic log you will see a "Low memory" message in which case the OS of the device could be pushing Survey123 to background. 

I would also suggest reaching out to Esri Technical Support to assist with further debugging the issue. A few things that would be helpful to know: 


- All folks running into the issue are on Android devices correct, no reports of issues on iOS? 

    - Is there a commonality in the model the folks who are seeing the issue are using?

- Is possible passing along the XLSForm and any data in the Media folder would help with testing on our end to try and reproduce the issue. 

- Is the issue mainly toward the end of the day when there are a larger number of surveys on the device or is it sporadic? 

Thank you,
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