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07-24-2020 09:05 AM
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When you create a new survey in Survey123 Connect you have the option to use a survey from a template. How can I add more templates to this list and can I point it to an AGOL group where our organization stores these templates?

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Hi Asaf,

Currently with 3.9 released version of Connect this is not possible, the Template gallery can not be customized.

However, with the upcoming 3.10 release, it will be possible via Organization properties to set the group query used for Templates, Samples and Community. This is mainly so support the Website installer, where you can install the Survey123 website, API and other parts of Survey123 in a completely disconnected environment, however, you could also use those same settings to have your own custom Template gallery with AGO.

See documentation currently on EAC for more information:



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