Survey123 Connect: Ranking Question Responses

10-31-2018 04:54 PM
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I have a survey question with seven possible responses. I want the users to select their top three responses from the list and rank them from one to three in order of their importance.

Something like this:

My initial thought was a multiselect limited to three choices which I could do, how do I turn this into a ranked score?

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I'm not sure how you could do that with a single question like that. You could try it as three similar select_one questions: use the same choice list, with the labels/hint text explaining "Pick the 2nd most important issue" etc. Then use constraints like not(selected(${Question2}, ${Question1})) and not(selected(${Question2}, ${Question3})) to keep the user from selecting the same answer each time.

Alternatively, you could have seven integer questions (one question for each issue), prompting the user to input a value of 1 through 3 next to different questions to rank them. This would require more work to control, but is still doable. Use similar constraints as above to avoid repeat values (this will be longer because you're comparing to six other questions), as well as adding and .>0 and .<4 to the constraint to keep the range between 1 and 3. Then a final calculation question that calculates the sum of the seven questions and ensures it equals 5, to make sure the user didn't rank less than three issues.

It kinda depends on how you want to use the data in your database or reports, and what would make the most sense for the user filling out the form.

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This functionality is now supported in both Survey123 web designer and Connect. The GeoNet blog linked below outlines the workflow to use "rank" question type to enable users to rank their responses on the form: 


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