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10-30-2018 12:54 PM
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I'm trying to build a logbook that would start with a yes/no question of: Is this a duplicate sampling event?  If the user says 'yes' then it would open a single text field with DUP_ already populated.  If user says 'no' the field would be blank.


User says 'no' = Site ID:

User says 'yes' = Site ID: DUP_

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I think you want a calculation in your Site ID field. Not sure I did it right, but play with it.

if(condition, a, b)

If true, returns a; otherwise, returns b.

if(selected(${duplicate}, 'yes', DUP_')

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Thank you!  That was helpful. 

In my Sit ID field I ended up putting ${DuplicateReading}='yes' in the relevant field and DUP_ in the default field.  Worked like a charm!

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