Survey123 Connect - Create Multiple Choice List Based on Submitted Numeric Value

12-02-2022 02:16 PM
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Hello. I am creating a survey for highway sign inspection data entry in my company's enterprise portal. Part of the data collection is a panel count. I need to create a multiple-choice list with the number and value of splice location choices based on the panel count value. For example, if the panel count is 5, the multiple-choice question should appear with 5 choices, numbered 1-5.

I currently have the multiple-choice lists populated with values I assigned to the choices, but the panel count of a sign may exceed the number of choices I have listed (1-12).

The survey was created using the ArcGIS Survey123 Website and then downloaded to Survey123 Connect v3.13.249.

Please see the attached documents for an example of how I need the survey to look and how the questions are currently structured in my survey. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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