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01-27-2020 06:07 PM
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I have a project overseas where the use of commas are utilized traditionally instead of decimal points. Because of language issues, I am hoping a back-end replacement of commas with decimals is an option. Originally fields were numeric, but caused some headaches, so text fields were utilized.

Now, collected values are being returned as 0,01 instead of 0.01, which is then causing issues in subsequent calculations. Is it possible to use some formula to substitute commas for decimals in a new numeric field?



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Hi Craig,

Survey123 field app is supporting comma decimal value when the device locale or form locale is set corretly. For example, if the phone device locale is set to German, comma decimal is recognized as a valid input in the numeric field question(integer). 

Are you encountering any issues from the data entry when comma decimal is used?

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