Survey123 Beta site not correctly adding aield data to the report name when creating .DOC reports

05-25-2021 09:58 AM
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I selected 12 reports, or 16 reports, or any number more than 1 report, the names of the reports do not match what I typed in the report name field.  I back out the OID automatically populated and provide the project name and the field ${todays_date}.  What I get is the date of the first survey for every separate report plus the OID.  Since the date is not unique I understand why the OID is included but why is it not populating each report with the correct date?

This had been working properly prior to the latest Beta site update.  The survey and the report template have been in use over a year with no modifications to the form or the report template.

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Hi @LeonardBarnhill,

If the issue is only occuring with the Survey123 beta website and beta feature reports, I would suggest to post the issue in the beta forum in the Early Adopter Community. This is the correct place to report and seek feedback for beta features and changes currently in progress.



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