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Survey123 Autopopulate ID into Related Table

04-09-2021 03:38 PM
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I have a point layer that has a related table for inspections. In my survey123 form, I would like to automatically pass the ID and Name of the point to the related table survey for that point. I do not want the field crew to have to enter any ID or Names and the Point layer information will be hidden as to just show the inspection part of the form. 


Is this possible?



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So, the name and id are in the survey parent table and you want them to be populated in the child records (repeats)? What do you mean these fields won't be entered/should be hidden? Is this survey targeting an existing layer? If I understand this correctly, you should be able to do that pretty easily with a calculation in the repeat. Something like the screenshot included. You can use 'hidden' in the type field for the name and id if that's what you need. Apologies if I misunderstand... 

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Thank you so much! This worked. 


I was had a parenthesis around the field, which I guess I did not need.