Survey123 Automated Data Curation

02-07-2023 09:29 AM
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I'm currently trying to create a survey with specified guidelines when it comes to data organization. Essentially what I'm looking for is an automated process that would store the data for internal use after it has been collected. Basically a process that would generate a folder for each data point, containing photos, reports, etc. collected with each point. This would cut down time that would be spent manually pulling all of this data into an internal system. Wondering if anyone might have any advice, or if any clarification is needed. Thank you. 

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Hello @KieferMarchel-Hoff

We have a sample notebook that uses the ArcGIS API for Python to automate the process of exporting survey data with attachments. 

The notebook won't generate a folder for each record in it's current configuration but has the foundation to be modified to meet your specific use case. 

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