Survey123 Auto Populate from Existing ArcGis Map

02-11-2021 05:10 PM
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Is there a way to auto-populate an answer, for a question, in Survey123 from an existing ArcGis map?

I have a form with one of the questions "Road Name". To help elevate errors I am looking to sync this field with one of our existing road maps, in our Arc, a system that will autofill the field. 

New to the Esri world but home this makes sense. 

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Hi. It looks like you want to calculate a value using a spatial query. 

You could do this in different ways:

  • Use a custom JavaScript function to get a value based on a location (for example, the name of the closest road to the location). Invoke the function from a calculation so when the location is set in the form, the road name is calculated.
  • Use the Survey123 connectors for Integromat or Microsoft Power Automate to do the above when the feature is sent into ArcGIS.
  • Calculate the road name using a Python script which you would run at scheduled times

All the options above are technically doable but are advanced as they require some level of programming/scripting.

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