Subsequent repeat data in a record is not being saved or calculated after saving record as a draft

02-15-2021 11:27 AM
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We have designed a survey to collect vehicle-speed data.

The survey contains repeats and some calculations, based on the data entered.

Calculations include: highest/lowest speed recorded, average speed, number of vehicles exceeding the limit (based on the limit calculated at the initial information stage)

The survey works well when data is entered in one go, but if the survey is saved as a draft, no further data is saved or calculated.


Here is the flow:

Create a new record by clicking Collect.

Fill out the initial information. (Page 1 of 3)

Enter data and repeat. (Page 2 of 3)

  • The calculations work and are saved. (Page 3 of 3)

Save the record to Drafts

Go back into the survey

  • The initial information is there – all good.
  • Previously entered repeat data is present – all good

Entering additional repeat data

  • This data is not retained
  • Calculations are not updated


Interestingly, sometimes when we go to add more [repeat] data to a Draft record, only one more repeat is saved and calculated.


If three repeats are entered and then saved as a Draft, these are still there when we go to edit/add-to the draft.

If we add in two more repeats, only the first is saved.

If we try this again, no data is saved.


Is this a known issue? Do calculations affect repeat data being saved after the record is saved as a Draft?


The app versions used are as follows:

Survey123 Connect Desktop app version: v3.11.123

Survey123 mobile app version: v3.11.164

Android v8.0  

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This is a known issue.  Posted here

I have not heard on a fix yet.

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Thanks for that info, Doug. 

I had come across the post but wasn't sure if a resolution had been reached. 

Do you know if a bug was raised with ESRI on this? 

It looks like we may have to re-design our survey based on this being an issue ... unless there is a fix being worked on. It would be good to know the progress on it. Can ESRI comment?  


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