Survey123 Attachment Link Broken

04-08-2021 05:13 AM
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I created a survey123 on enterprise and there is a repeat question that is related to the buildings. Sometimes more than one picture is taken for a building. The pictures have been coming in fine and I embedded it on the dashboard using the object id like this:

URL: https://portalLink/Hosted/serviceName/FeatureServer/3/{objectid}/attachments/{objectid} 

So for example, a typical attachment would look like https://portalLink/Hosted/serviceName/FeatureServer/3/34/attachments/34

However, the problem is that some of the photo links are broken and the object ids are misplaced or unaligned for some reason. For example


This causes the picture to not sure up on the dashboard and if I try to open the link on a new tab, it shows the Web Adaptor error  - 

Could not access any server machines. Please contact your system administrator.

I dont know why that happened.


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Hi. This is expected and results from the way ArcGIS assigns IDs to your attachments and features. There is no guarantee that the ObjectID and the AttachmentIDs will be the same, as in your first link.  If any of the records in your layer is submitted without an attachment, or with more than one, the IDs will no longer be in sync.

There is no easy solution, that I am aware of, to your problem but if you move your question into the Dashboard or ArcGIS Online Esri Community groups you may be able to get some creative solutions.

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Thanks for the reply @IsmaelChivite , I'll ask in other groups

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