dateTime value changing in Custom Form Report Template

08-14-2017 08:31 PM
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I have three dateTime fields within my form.

  • Now()
  • Start Time (editable)
  • End Time (editable)
    • Calculation between the two

When a survey is completed on my iPhone the dateTime fields show the correct information.  Yet, when I go to print out the Custom Template the minutes on the two editable rows are incorrect and have identical minute values. Also, the 'Calculation' still shows the correct answer even though the times are shown incorrectly.

Attached is the XLSX and Template that are being utilized.  This is driving me insane for the last couple of hours!!

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diligentpig‌ can you take a look at this one?


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Did this ever get resolved? Something similar is happening where my time changes after it is submitted and shows up incorrectly on the custom report.

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Hi @KelliW ,

Are you in the same time zone as the submitter of data? The report will use the printer's time zone and UTC offset to interpret the UNIX time submitted. You can specify the utcoffset value in your template as documented here:



Jody Zheng Liu