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Survey123 App not Updating Linked CSVs

07-21-2023 10:18 AM
MVP Regular Contributor

I've noticed in the last little while that Survey123 doesn't seem to be checking for updates on the linked CSVs I have hosted on ArcGIS Online and it's causing a headache for my users. I haven't made any changes so I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this at all.

I have been able to find a solution however:

1) Delete all the CSVs from the media folder, republish the survey. (The CSVs were loaded through the linked content to view in Connect to make sure it worked)
2) Deleting the survey off the mobile device and redownloading it.

I've had this working normally on other surveys for easily months, and some surveys (that I haven't updated in a couple months) still work normally. I'm not sure what's changed if anything. 

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