Survey123 and versioned feature classes

11-20-2015 09:49 AM
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Hi there, I am new to Survey123 and I am exploring how this tool would be useful in conjunction with versioned feature classes in an SDE environment. I have a feature service set up on a ArcGIS server that is set up for sync and offline data capabilities. The feature service is linked to a versioned feature class in a SDE. I have been able to use ArcGIS collector to collect and upload data back to the SDE but Survey123 looks like it would be a better tool with less emphasis on the map and visual element which is not needed for my field data collection.

Is there a way to set up a survey that will create a new point feature and have the user fill in attributes based on the questions from the survey and have it sync back to a feature class in a SDE using Survey 123?

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Please review Survey123 and ArcGIS for Server.

Fasil T.

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there have been multiple requests from people asking us to create a tool to create a survey on top of an existing feature service from ArcGIS for Server. Have a look at this issue in our public repo and add a comment if you want to promote the idea

At the moment, we do not have a straight-forward solution to this, although it is technically possible. You just need to be extremely careful to make sure the questions in your Survey match the fields in your feature service.

What comes next is for you to experiment at your own risk 

1) Publish your versioned featureclass as a feature service and enable write permissions in it

2) Publish a a survey where your questions match the featurelayer in the service. To do this properly, you really will want to read the Mapping XLSForm questions into ArcGIS Feature Service fields blog post. It is OK to have more fields in your feature layer than in the survey, but every question in your survey should match a field in your featurelayer. Make sure the name and compatible field type match properly.  If you have domains, you will want to create the corresponding choice lists in the survey.

3) In (or Portal for ArcGIS, if you are using Portal for ArcGIS), go into your Contents and look for your Survey folder. In it you will find a Code Sample item. Download it locally and open the .info file.  Find in there the URL of the feature service that Connect created automatically and replace it with the URL of your feature service.

4) Upload the zip file back into the Code Sample item

5) Download the survey into your mobile device, cross your fingers and try submitting an entry...

Just a few additional notes:

  • This will work well if your ArcGIS for Server service is NOT secured.
  • Feature services on versioned featureclasses are significantly less performing than non-versioned featureclasses.

I hope this makes sense.

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is there any update on the survey123 and versioned data?

Thank you