Survey123 and Power Automate optional response questions

11-08-2022 06:14 AM
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Hello! I am working on a Power Automate (PA) flow to send an email when a Survey123 response is submitted  - this is where I am running into some issues. I have 4 questions in my survey that are optional, and I want to state that in the email by either saying that they were not input or just returning the input value. 

So far, I have tried length > 0 or if empty to try to get the 'not provided' string to be returned. Both of those failed, with PA erroring out saying the survey response is 'null'. Trying to set the condition to equal null would run, but always returns the 'if no' section as if the response was filled out, which it wasn't. Does anyone know what survey123 returns when optional questions were not filled out that would allow the condition to let the if yes or if no ability see the reponse was empty? for reference, the questions are 3 text options and1 photo.

I attached a sample image of the flow.

Sorry if that was confusing, I am newer to Survey123 and Power Automate so I can be a bit clunky with the jargon. let me know if I can clear anything up!

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Did you ever figure out a solution to this?  I am also trying to check if a response was given.

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