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Data Erased out of the blue!

09-05-2023 10:43 PM
New Contributor

Hi there, 

I've been using Survey 123 to create a Registry of participants for my conservation project. I created the registry in December and did not modify it, and has been working great!!

In January I created a power automate to send me an email when someone new registers and its been working to perfection.

Yesterday I created a new power automate to send an email to the participants based on the way they want to participate (farmer or surveyor). I tested it on myself and worked (only opened the link and submitted the form). Today I got an email early in the morning from someone new registering, however, when I went to the portal, it said that I have 0 data!! I did not republish or change anything on Connect. I did not change anything on the collaborate options either!

I don't know what happened, yesterday afternoon it was working fine, and I event got the Power Automate email saying that I got a new volunteer I don't understand what happened or how to retrieve the data!

Please help! 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @InesPereda

I would suggest reaching out to Esri Technical Support for assistance. To confirm there was previous records prior to the one submitted in the morning but the feature service is saying 0 total records? You also mention checking the "portal", is your data located in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise? 

Thank you,
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