Survey123 and Power Automate Integration - Send e-mail is a specific field is edited

03-01-2022 11:36 AM
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I have created a survey that is to be used to submit a sampling request to our water quality team. Once the water quality team has reviewed the request - there is a field for them to update which is meant to then notify the original requestor via e-mail whether or not their request has been approved, denied, or needs more info. There is then another field the water quality team will go in and edit that will again notify the original requestor via email whether the sampling is pending, analytical results are pending, or everything is complete.

I have successfully set up Power Automate to trigger an e-mail based on the value in each of those fields. It is also only set up to work for existing records edited.


Here is the issue: 

I only want the e-mail to be sent if that specific field has changed, not if the entire survey record has been edited. The way it is currently set up - an email will go out every time the survey is edited if a condition returns true.

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