Survey123 and per-app VPN

03-17-2021 02:20 AM
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Has anyone configured Survey123 to use a per-App VPN? I can find lots of references to information that says that Field Maps, Collector, Explorer etc support it, but nothing about Survey123. There are hints dotted around forums and videos from conferences, but I would like to see something written down, or to know that someone has configured this successfully. In particular, will it work with Workspace One MDM (formally AirWatch) on Android.
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Hi, yes confirming this works for Survey123. using Citrix MDM. we've configured for S123, Field Maps, ArcGIS Earth, ArcGIS Companion, QuickCapture, and SiteScan LE and all work as expected. On enterprise 10.7.1, for iOS.

Took aaaages to get it working but was getting the right info to network/firewall team.