Survey123 & two-factor analysis

08-18-2021 10:40 AM
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I'm looking for a way to design a question so that I can analyze/visualize the interactions between two factors. 

For example, users would be provided Factor list A (milk, juice, tea, coffee) and a second Factor list B (cookies, cake, apple, carrot).  I would like them to indicate their preferred combination. I thought I could do this in single choice grid (using the question column to display list A, and the choice row to display list B)... but when I analyze, it tallies only the number of times a choice was selected from list B per choice in list A ... it does not show all interactions. 

What I would like to do, is create a chart in the dashboard analysis that affords the category axis as list A, and the value axis as list B; and have the chart bars display the relative number of each interaction. 

Is this possible in survey 123?

Many thanks

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Hi @JenMcRuer 

We cannot directly author a survey to collect data as you described. Let me explain, Survey123 is using feature server to record data. Feature server data table scheme uses one question name as a column name to collect answers, multiple questions' names cannot be saved in one column. 

Therefore, it is more like a function that we need to realize when visualizing data after done collecting data, however, currently it is not supported.

I encourage you to submit an enhancement request via Esri Support. Our Support team will assign an official enhancement number for your records. Similar requests from other customers can then be attached to the same enhancement request, which helps us assess demand for the enhancement and prioritize it accordingly.

Hope this helps,