Survey123 & FieldMaps Nested Repeat Inspection Workflow

10-27-2021 05:12 PM
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Hey everyone, I am stuck trying to figure out the best path forward for a particular nested repeat inspection workflow I have:

Basically, there are "MasterSites" (geopoint), each master site can have several "Subsites" (nested geopoint), and then each subsite can have several "Visits/Inspections" (nested table within subsites).

  • MasterSite (fields containing general master site info, geopoint)
    • Subsite (fields containing general subsite info, geopoint)
      • Visit/Inspection (inspection table)


Here are the workflows I'm trying to accomplish using a Field Maps with Survey123 integration

1) User can click on the map and create a new MasterSite > Subsite > Inspection

2) User can click on an existing MasterSite displayed on the map and add a new Subsite and inspection related to that MasterSite. The fields and location data pertaining to the MasterSite would be auto-populated in the survey and only the Subsite and inspection related fields would be shown.

3) User can click on an existing Subsite and add a new inspection. The fields and location data pertaining to the MasterSite and the Subsite would auto-populate and ideally ONLY the inspection questions would be displayed.

If any of you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this workflow using FieldMaps and Survey123 integration, I would greatly appreciate it! I have the Survey with the schema described above already created. Thanks for any help or suggestions! 

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I would break it into 3 feature classes then use Field Maps forms or 123 form for each depending on how complicated they are.  Then use relationship classes to tie the 3 together.  You could send the location down the line but I like to have the real location where they went.  For example what if they filled out an inspection wrong?  You can see this easily spatially if each has their own GPS.  Just send the main key to each form then they are all related.

See my write up here for more

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Doug! I really appreciate the help. 

The "Master Site" feature class would have only 4 or 5 fields. One of them is a "sponsor" field with a about 200 different sponsors. The nice thing about using Survey123 is that I can have the sponsor list as a CSV lookup table stored in the media folder and easily update it when new sponsors are added/removed. 

Creating a form based solely on the Master Site list with only 5 fields so that I can use the sponsor lookup CSV table seems a bit excessive, and potentially confusing for the staff that will be using it. Is there similar functionality in Field Maps, or would I need to use coded domains for a pick list?

Thanks again! 


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