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10-29-2021 04:45 AM
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I have created a Survey123 app that meets the needs of the requestors except for one issue.  They would like to have the different select_one option groups relevant settings (and the associated data with those) to export as different tabs in an excel spreadsheet or as different csv files.  I know that can be accomplished in setting up repeats as it creates related tables, but is there another way to accomplish the same task?  There is no need for repeats in any of the options chosen.  There will always be just one.  

As an example, they need to choose whether they want to enter information in for: Level 1 Assessment, Level 2 Assessment, Seasonal Start-Up, GWR Violation, Treatment Visit, or Annual Site Visit.

Once they choose which option they want, a series of questions appear and there will not be a case where more than one Level 1 Assessment will need to be entered for the same feature.  

I know that I could also split them up into different forms, but that isn't ideal since the first few questions are the same for each feature.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Lisa D.


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My only idea is database views.  But you would need one per question and have to export each one.

Python could also do it.  Say each night run it and place them in a directory.

I would also try a more modern approach like Ops Dashboard.  I know it is hard to break the export to excel habit for users though.  I have had some success with it.

Hope that helps

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