Survey date Incorrect calculated

08-08-2022 03:07 AM
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Hi All,

I am facing the unexpected problem on Date calculation. For the solution of date things I used the both platform Survey 123 connect (version 3.15.170) and Survey 123 Web. On the basis of survey I observed the following things:

Observation 1:

I have created and published a survey form using Survey 123 connect. I used the date time question in the form and make it default as now(). When I opened the survey in web, the time showing incorrect its almost 30 minutes ahead from the local time.



Observation 2:

I have created another form using Survey 123 web. same I used the date time question and make it default as submitting date and time. the survey time showing correct as the local time. but If I publish it, the date result shoeing incorrect same as scene 1 (time incorrect almost 30 mnts ahead from the local time)



Could you help me to resolve this problem.

Thanks & Regards,



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Can you add the following to you survey and tell us what result is:

calculatewsdatetimeSample Date/Timenow()null