Survey Data Not Saving in Inbox

07-23-2021 03:10 PM
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Hi Survey123 Community,

I recently created a new survey in the Survey123 Connect app (ver. 3.12) and have disabled the sent folder, instead opting for the Inbox so I can use the map refresh feature. However, when I send data from my form, I notice that the sent surveys show as blank in my inbox. Is this a bug? or is this a problem with my share settings? No data are saved after I hit the send button. Please see the attached screenshot. Note I have set the Instance_Name setting to display the patient ID, which is blank upon submission, even though an ID was entered when filling out the form.

Thank you,



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Hi Dustin,

Can you confirm that the record has been populated in your feature service? Possibly enable the Sent box for testing to see if the record sends ok and once you are satisfied, disable it and test again.




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Hi Dustin

Did you manage to fix the issue? If you are still struggling then please attach your survey XLXS file so we can have a look.


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Hi Deon,

Thanks for checking back in with this. My availability to work on this project has decreased so I haven't been able to test it yet. I will definitely check back in and update everyone once I find out more information.

Thank you.

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