Survey Contains Errors: Navigate to each section

03-23-2022 04:29 PM
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Hi there,

We use a survey built using Survey123 Connect, which has been in use for a few years. This morning we have noticed an error when our users try to submit a survey.

"Survey contains error: 1. Press here to navigate to each error"

When selecting the error, the user is not brought to any specific field, nor are any of the fields filled out incorrectly. Our form was working normally up until a few hours ago.

I have seen a few similar posts from users who are building their forms with Connect, and these were resolved with some changes in formatting. However, we have only made one recent amendment to our form - yesterday morning we added another drop-down option to a question, but this did not cause any errors since publishing. 

I can see some recent posts from other people who have been experiencing issues with Survey123, and some of these have since been resolved.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this error. If this is a result of the recent AGOL update, is it currently being looked into? Thanks 🙂

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